·      8th  Physics Alumni Meet – December 8, 2018

·      7th  Physics Alumni Meet – February 10, 2018

·      6th  Physics Alumni Meet – February 11, 2017

·      5th  Physics Alumni Meet – January 23, 2016

·      4th  Physics Alumni Meet – December 13, 2014

·     3rd  Physics Alumni Meet  – December 15, 2012

·     2nd  Physics Alumni Meet – December 17, 2011

·     1st   Physics Alumni Meet –  December 18, 2010

  • 9th Lecture – 08.04.2021 – Story of Photoelectric EffectDr. H.C. Verma, Professor (Retd.), Department of Physics, IIT-Kanpur – https://youtu.be/LEXhpnU8ZEw
  • 8th Lecture – 13.03.2020 – The Astounding Story of the Light Quantum Dr. S. Lakshmi Bala, Professor, Department of Physics, IIT-Madras – Venue: Anderson Hall, MCC.
  • 7th Lecture – 20.03.2019 – Hidden symmetry in planetary motion – Prof. V. Balakrishnan, Adjunct Professor, IIT – Madras, (Formerly Professor, Emeritus Professor, Department of Physics, IIT – Madras) – Venue: Martin Hall Auditorium, M.C.C. – https://youtu.be/rJbLZ-9rVnU
  • 6th Lecture – 07.03.2018 – GEOMAGNETISM: The Earth’s Shield Against Solar and Cosmic Ray Events – Dr. S. Gurubaran, Professor G, Indian Institute of Geomagnetism, DST Mumbai – Venue: Martin Hall Auditorium,M.C.C. https://youtu.be/CCG7q4UICO8
  • 5th Lecture – 24.02.2017 – ‘NON LINEAR PHYSICS’ – An Evolving Science – Prof. M. Lakshmanan Ph.D., D.Sc. (h.c.), F.N.A.Sc., F.A.Sc., F.N.A., FTWAS, Professor of Eminence & DST Ramanna Fellow , DAE Raja Ramanna Fellow , Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics, Bharathidasan University – Venue: Centre for Media Studies auditorium, M.C.C.
  • 4th Lecture – 23.01.2016 – CARBON BASED NANOMATERIALS & THEIR APPLICATIONS – Dr. Sundara Ramaprabhu, Professor in Physics, Alternative Energy and Nanotechnology Laboratory (AENL), Department of Physics, IIT-MADRAS – Venue: Centre for Media Studies auditorium, M.C.C.
  • 3rd Lecture – 27.02.2015 – States of matter : from traditional to exotic – Dr. C.S. Sundar F.N.A., J.C. Bose National Fellow,Material Science Group, IGCAR, Kalpakkam. Venue: Centre for Media Studies auditorium, M.C.C. – https://youtu.be/PiJC0GiwNAU
  • 2nd Lecture – 26.02.2014 – Crystals and X-ray Crystallography – Prof. N. Gautham, Ph.D., F.N.A.Sc., Centre of Advanced Study in Crystallography and Biophysics, University of Madras – Venue: Centre for Media Studies auditorium, M.C.C. – https://youtu.be/Q6SrB7eI64Q
  • 1st Lecture – 17.08.2012 – NONLINEAR OPTICS (the GOOD, the BAD and the ESOTERIC) – Prof. K. ThyagarajanDepartment of Physics , IIT-Delhi, Venue: Centre for Media Studies auditorium, M.C.C.


Alumni Lecture Series (Organized by Physics Society, MCC)

MCC is the alma mater of alumni who have earned distinction in a variety of fields. In order that the current students benefit from this pool of talent, the department organizes the Physics Alumni Lecture series. This is an initiative by the Physics Society, Department of Physics, MCC, and began in the year 2016-2017. The lectures organized so far include the following.

  • Capt. E. Daniel, Pilot, Air India, spoke on the topic ‘General Aviation – Safety Management and Career Orientation’.
  • Dr. L. Sriram Kumar, Professor, Department of Physics, IIT-Madras, spoke on the topic ‘Geodesics in Curved Spaces’.
  • Mr. Arun Achamkulamgara, Director, IOT Product Solutions, Cognizant Technology Solutions Ltd., US, spoke on the topic ‘Processors’.
  • Dr. Pratibha Nalini, School of Mechanical and Building Science, VIT University, Chennai, spoke on the topic ‘Introduction to Nanotechnology’.


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