Physics Alumni of Madras Christian College

Remembering an Iconic Teacher

Prof. K. M. Karunakaran (popularly known as KMK) served on the Faculty of Physics in the Madras Christian College from September 1950 to May 1987, when he retired as the Professor and Head of the Department.

KMK is an iconic symbol of teaching at its best. During his time he was acknowledged as one of the best teachers of Quantum Mechanics in the University of the Madras, if not the best. 

In the words of his close friend and contemporary, the popular teacher Prof. B. M. Arthur: “To him every lecture was a performance!” 

Surprise Visitor

Prof. Kibble whose father Senior Kibble was professor of Maths at MCC visited the department and interacted with the faculty.
He has such memories of the campus that he could identify the tree which he used to climb as a boy.
Many felt that Senior Kibble should have shared the NOBEL Prize for the God particle – but he was overlooked.

Giving Back to Alma mater

 In order that the current students benefit Alumni Lecture series are being organized in collaboration with Physics Society.

The Physics Alumni Society Scholarship was introduced to provide deserving students in the Physics department with financial assistance. 

Overwhelming and spontaneous contributions by many Alumni enabled the procurement of a GPU enabled workstation to suit the requirements of the department